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Join Us for An Evening of BrightFocus

This extraordinary gathering will spotlight exemplary scientists and advocates who are driving some of the most exciting work around the globe to end diseases of mind and sight.

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Brain Info Live℠

A new community outreach series helps to address health disparities and equity for people living with Alzheimer’s.

Working collaboratively with local community leaders and partners, this exciting new educational campaign includes culturally tailored information and resources to reach a diverse audience.

Our hope is to generate an ongoing dialogue to build trust and support between community members, families, clinicians, researchers, and other health professionals.

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BrightFocus presents

Turning Point

As a presentation partner, BrightFocus invites you to watch a gripping new documentary about researchers on the cusp of a scientific breakthrough that could be the first step toward making Alzheimerʼs disease a distant memory. BrightFocus, through our Alzheimer’s Disease Research program, supports bold, innovative scientific research worldwide to discover a cure for Alzheimer’s.

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