Alzheimer’s Drug Aduhelm to Be Discontinued

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On Wednesday, January 31, Biogen announced that it is discontinuing the development and commercialization of the Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm (aducanumab). The associated ongoing ENVISION clinical trial will also be terminated. The company noted in a press release that this decision does not come from any safety or efficacy concerns.  

Those who are currently participating in the ENVISION trial may continue to receive monthly Aduhelm infusions through May 1, 2024. Anyone with a prescription can continue treatment through November 1. For next steps, individuals should reach out to their doctor and may call Biogen’s patient support line at 1-833-425-9360.  

Aduhelm was the first new Alzheimer’s drug to receive approval in nearly 20 years. Its market launch sparked mixed reactions from the scientific community, with many recognizing the landmark event but concerned about the drug’s ability to effectively slow disease progression.  

When the FDA granted accelerated approval in 2021, they required Biogen to conduct the Phase IV ENVISION clinical trial to confirm Aduhelm’s clinical benefit. The company stated that they have instead decided to redistribute their resources toward Leqembi, the first anti-amyloid Alzheimer’s drug to receive traditional FDA approval. They will also invest more into two potential drug candidates targeting another well-known disease driver in Alzheimer’s—tau protein. 

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