Researching a Cure

BrightFocus is one of America's leading supporters of basic scientific investigations to better understand and find cures for Alzheimer's disease, age-related macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

Researchers working in lab.

Funding Promising Research

Since 1973, we have awarded nearly $300 million to scientists seeking new approaches to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of our target diseases. These grants have supported more than 1,800 innovative projects and an estimated 6,025 scientists who have dedicated their careers to groundbreaking research.

Our funding has enabled promising researchers—talented scientists at universities, hospitals, and medical centers worldwide—to make significant discoveries about these diseases. To date, two have gone on to win Nobel prizes.

Throughout its history, BrightFocus Foundation has sought to identify the places where the greatest impact of its donor dollars could be made. As science and society have changed, some programs have been successfully concluded. BrightFocus is proud of the societal impact made by the donors to these programs and counts these programs' successes amongst the achievements of BrightFocus. BrightFocus includes its contributions to these programs in statements regarding the historical impact of the foundation.

Our Funding Philosophy

In order for ideas to take root and grow into future clinical realities, researchers must prove that their theories will work. BrightFocus' annual awards catalyze the efforts that are necessary to take a brilliant idea from the lab book to the doctor's office.

A gentleman standing next to a molecule made out of melon balls.

Funding for Bold Ideas

The BrightFocus programs are designed to provide initial funding for highly innovative experimental ideas, including interdisciplinary investigations that may apply to two or three of the BrightFocus disease interests. Most of the awardees use the BrightFocus donor award money to demonstrate key findings that lead to later interest and additional funding from industrial or governmental funding agencies. It is our firm belief that having the courage to invest in innovative ideas will lead to revolutionary therapies.

A woman scientist working in a lab.

An Exceptional Portfolio

The portfolio of BrightFocus donor-supported research extends from basic molecular and cellular biology through clinical and behavioral health research. Please visit the research we have funded section of the website for more information on current and past BrightFocus-sponsored research projects. BrightFocus is proud to have awarded nearly $300 million to fund groundbreaking research to help eradicate brain and eye diseases.

As a testament to the role of BrightFocus in identifying tomorrow's leaders, BrightFocus is proud to have fostered the early careers of Dr. Stanley Prusiner and Dr. Paul Greengard, who independently won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.