For people with glaucoma or at risk of developing it, a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a nutritious diet is especially important. In addition to benefiting overall physical and mental well-being, it promotes eye health. Maintaining mental and emotional health is also important.

A plate of healthy, colorful food.
Recommendations for Healthy Living

Eat a Varied and Healthy Diet

There is no scientific evidence suggesting that certain vitamins and minerals prevent glaucoma or delay its progress. However, carotenoids (especially lutein and zeaxanthin), antioxidants (such vitamins C and E), vitamins A and D, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids may all contribute to better vision.

Healthy Diet Choices

    • spinach
    • collard greens
    • kale
    • broccoli
    • okra
    • brussels sprouts
    • egg yolks
    • mango
    • green beans
    • lima beans
    • squash
    • sweet potatoes
    • orange peppers
    • green peppers
    • yellow corn.
    • green peppers
    • citrus fruits
    • tomatoes
    • broccoli
    • strawberries
    • sweet potatoes
    • cantaloupe
    • white potatoes
    • leafy greens
    • whole grains
    • fortified cereals
    • fruit
    • wheat germ
    • leafy greens
    • nuts/nut oils
    • eggs
    • vegetable oils
    • liver
    • sweet potatoes
    • carrots
    • mangoes
    • milk
    • egg yolks
    • cod liver oil “oily” fish
    • cereal
    • egg yolks
    • fortified milk
    • oysters
    • red meat
    • poultry
    • certain seafoods
    • nuts
    • dairy
    • beans
    • fortified cereals
    • wild salmon
    • sardines
    • walnuts
    • flaxseed oil

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