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Can Vision Loss Be Reversed? Exploring Stem Cells and AMD

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Kapil Bharti, PhD

Kapil Bharti, PhD

Senior Investigator and Director, Intramural Research Program at National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health

Wednesday, November 29, 2023
1:00 pm EST (please adjust for your time zone)

Join us and guest speaker Kapil Bharti, PhD, who will discuss a new treatment for macular degeneration that is currently being studied using stem cell therapy to restore lost vision.

Dr. Kapil Bharti’s lab at the National Eye Institute recently started the first U.S. phase I/IIa trial to test autologous iPSC-derived RPE patch in AMD patients. Currently, he is co-developing a dual RPE/photoreceptor cell therapy with Opsis Therapeutics. He has given several keynote lectures and won several awards for his revolutionary work on developing ocular cell-therapies. He serves on the advisory board (pro bono) of several companies and patient-advocacy groups. His current work as a Senior Investigator at NEI involves understanding the mechanism of retinal degenerative diseases using induced pluripotent stem cell derived eye cells and tissues and developing cell-based and drug-based therapies for such diseases. He is the Director of the NEI Intramural Research Program where he oversees 21 research labs and 6 core facilities.

Dr. Bharti is also a Macular Degeneration Research grantee. Learn more about his funded work here: Engineered Eye Tissue Models to Analyze Mechanisms of Age-related Vision Loss

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