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BrightFocus Foundation Awards Grants to Three Hopkins Scientists Studying Diseases of Mind and Sight

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This research was supported by BrightFocus

BrightFocus Foundation, a Maryland nonprofit, has announced the awarding of research grants to three scientists at Johns Hopkins University. The grantees’ research topics reflect the three diseases of aging that the foundation is working to end:  Alzheimer’s, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. 

Resham Chhabra, PhD, received a grant for $100,000 for her research on Alzheimer’s disease.  Fengquan Zhou, PhD, received a $150,000 grant for his research on glaucoma, made possible in part by a bequest from the Timothy Miles Charitable Trust.  Michael Paulaitis, PhD, of the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins, received a grant award of $160,000 for his research on macular degeneration.

From left to right: Michael Paulaitis, PhD, Resham Chhabra, PhD, Diane Bovenkamp, PhD, Fengquan Zhou, PhD

Diane Bovenkamp, PhD, Vice President for Scientific Affairs at BrightFocus Foundation (second from right) visits newly-announced BrightFocus grantees at Johns Hopkins. From left: Michael Paulaitis, PhD (grantee of the foundation’s Macular Degeneration Research program); Resham Chhabra, PhD, (Alzheimer’s Disease Research); and Fengquan Zhou, PhD (National Glaucoma Research).

Since 1983, BrightFocus has awarded research grants to 57 Johns Hopkins scientists, for a total of more than $6.8 million in funding.

“BrightFocus has a record going back decades of funding outstanding Johns Hopkins scientists like Drs. Chhabra, Zhou, and Paulaitis,” says Diane Bovenkamp, PhD, BrightFocus Vice President, Scientific Affairs. “We are proud to help support these and other top researchers pursuing game-changing ideas on prevention, treatment, and cures of Alzheimer’s, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.”

BrightFocus  recently announced $13.3 million in new grants in the fight against the devastating conditions we all fear most: loss of sight and loss of mind.  The current BrightFocus portfolio of 177 projects spans the globe and is guided by world-class scientific review committees. 

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