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National Glaucoma Research

The newly expanded accessible audio program will connect patients with vision experts and provide the latest glaucoma research news.

Oct 7, 2022
National Glaucoma Research

Jason Meyer, PhD, is a BrightFocus Foundation success story and a pioneer in the effort to regenerate eye tissue that is damaged by glaucoma. 

Sep 29, 2022
National Glaucoma Research

In this issue:

  • New Ways to Diagnose and Monitor Glaucoma
  • President's Corner
  • Gene for Repairing Retinal Cells Identified
  • And More!
Sep 16, 2022
National Glaucoma Research

In this Issue:

  • Scientists Discover Key Gene Associated with Glaucoma
  • President's Corner
  • The Importance of Your Eye's Drainage System
  • Spotlight On... Dr. Puya Gharahkhani, PhD
  • And More!
Jul 11, 2022
Press Releases

BrightFocus Foundation, a leading nonprofit funder of vision research, has announced a request for proposals for scientific projects supported through its National Glaucoma Research (NGR) program. The application deadline is October 25, 2022, for projects beginning in 2023.

Jul 7, 2022
Research in Brief

BrightFocus-funded researchers were among the first to “map” the normal 3D structure of a protein called myocilin, which is abundant in the drainage pathway of the eye. Now, with a second grant, they’ve designed antibodies to help diagnose and treat myocilin misfolding as it contributes to glaucoma.

Feb 11, 2022
National Glaucoma Research

BrightFocus-funded researchers crosslink exfoliation syndrome (XFS), a condition that can lead to glaucoma, with common comorbidities and shared risk factors as a way of predicting which patients are at increased risk.

Dec 22, 2021
National Glaucoma Research

After early human development, the nerve cells of the eye no longer regenerate. Researchers are looking for ways to genetically manipulate this pathway to protect and repair damaged retinal ganglion cells in glaucoma.

Dec 16, 2021
National Glaucoma Research

Gene found to regulate tissue responsible for draining fluid from the eye.

Sep 15, 2021