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Macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss in people over age 60. In advanced stages, it can cause permanent vision loss.


Macular Degeneration Research, a program of BrightFocus Foundation, funds the most promising science and provides expert information on this devastating disease.


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Hear From a Macular Degeneration Specialist

Join a live audio conversation on Wednesday, Feb. 28, with guest expert Gayatri S. Relly, MD, about wet and dry macular degeneration.


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What is Geographic Atrophy?

Some people with macular degeneration will develop geographic atrophy, an advanced and severe form of dry macular degeneration that can lead to permanent vision loss. If you have already been diagnosed with dry macular degeneration, ask your doctor how often you need to be monitored for potential progression to geographic atrophy.

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Living With Macular Degeneration: A Personal Story

Ann, a retired teacher living with macular degeneration, shares her tips for maintaining independence.


Macular Degeneration Research Program

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BrightFocus Foundation is driving innovative research around the world to end macular degeneration. Our Macular Degeneration Research program takes a multi-pronged approach by funding bold research with the most promise of finding a cure.