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J. Crawford Downs, PhD

University of Alabama at Birmingham

See how dynamic pressures in the eye and brain provide a new framework for understanding glaucoma


Jennifer R. Gatchel, MD, PhD

Harvard Medical School

Learn about (and see!) changes in the brain that track with mood and memory in Alzheimer's disease


Kaustabh Ghosh, PhD

University of California, Riverside

Understand precisely how aging increases the risk for macular degeneration


Yona Levites, PhD

University of Florida

The future generation of immunotherapy for Alzheimer’s disease


Alfred Lewin, PhD

University of Florida

Old dogs learning new tricks: Repurposing drugs for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration


Pietro Michelucci, PhD

Human Computation Institute

Witness the power of crowds: help analyze Alzheimer's data by playing an online game


Chris Passaglia, PhD

University of South Florida

Learn about new technologies being developed to understand the causes and effects of glaucoma


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