Train Your Brain

Sometimes games are just for fun. And if your brain strengthens in the process, all the better!

Here is one to check out:


An open sudoku book that is sitting on a window sill.

Play this iconic number puzzle to train your brain!


Please note that these memory games are not tests for Alzheimer's disease. If you or a member of your family are concerned about memory problems, it is important that you discuss these issues with an appropriate professional.

BrightFocus does not currently recommend or endorse any commercial nutritional supplement, exercise program, or cognitive training exercises for the purposes of preventing Alzheimer’s disease. We encourage people to evaluate for themselves the role of these in their overall health and well-being.


Learn More About the Brain

There is a growing body of evidence which suggests that staying mentally active may be associated with preservation of cognitive function.

A person with brightly colored lights reflected off of their eyeglasses.
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Keep Your Mind Active

Children and young adults build up brain “reserves” by reading and undertaking mental challenges, and older adults can continue to build these brain connections through stimulating activities. In fact, building these cognitive reserves is a lifelong process in which some nerve cells (neurons) form, some die, and others interconnect.

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