Yuan Lei, PhD

The principal investigator, Yuan Lei, PhD, is well trained in the field of aqueous humor outflow physiology. She did her postdoctoral training with Prof. CR Ethier and Prof. WD Stamer, and has worked in the area of anterior segment aqueous humor outflow physiology since 2008. Dr. Lei was the first to report a method for isolating, culturing and characterizing porcine angular aqueous plexus cells (AAP) cells (ie, the human equivalent of Schlemm’s canal endothelial cells). She also set up the first mouse eye perfusion rig in Prof. Ethier's laboratory and is very experienced with this technique. Dr. Lei has made significant contributions to the understanding of aqueous humor outflow physiology and the role of eNOS signaling pathway in regulating intraocular pressure. In this field, the applicant has published 11 first or corresponding author papers in IOVS and ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.