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Statement by President and CEO Stacy Pagos Haller On Denver Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen

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CLARKSBURG, MD—All of us involved with the fight to end Alzheimer’s disease were saddened to hear that Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen is stepping down from day-to-day control of the team to focus on his battle with this disease.  For 30 years, Mr. Bowlen oversaw one of the most consistently successful teams in the National Football League (NFL).

At BrightFocus Foundation, we extend both our compassion and our admiration to Mr. Bowlen and his family. We know firsthand that Alzheimer’s affects not only the person with the disease, but also the entire family. The candor and willingness of Mr. Bowlen and his family to talk about Alzheimer’s disease is to be commended. Their courage will help remove the unnecessary stigma about a progressive brain disorder that now affects more than 5 million Americans, a number expected to double in the next 36 years.

We also praise the NFL and the Broncos’ leadership, for their sensitive response to the news of Pat Bowlen’s illness, their support for him and his family, and their recognition of the importance of ending Alzheimer’s disease.

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