Maud Gratuze, PhD

I first engaged in Alzheimer’s disease (AD)-related research during my PhD training in the Psychiatry and Neurosciences department at the Laval University, Canada. My PhD research focused on the impact of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes on tau pathology in AD. Four years of research experience and academic training at Laval University provided me with a breadth of skills and a strong background neurodegeneration. I published six first author research articles. During my PhD, I received a Biomedical Doctoral Scholarship Award from the Alzheimer Society and numerous other excellence awards (see below). In 2017, I started my postdoctoral training under the mentorship of Dr. David M. Holtzman in the Department of Neurology at Washington University in St. Louis. Currently, my research in the Holtzman Lab is focused on understanding how AD-associated gene variants affect tau pathology and tau-mediated neurodegeneration. Thanks to Dr. Holtzman’s exceptional mentorship and a closely collaborative work environment, I have already published a first author a literature review and two research articles. In addition to my technical and conceptual scientific training, Dr. Holtzman and I have also developed a training plan to include my active participation at seminars, retreats, and conferences geared toward my professional development as a translational research scientist.