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Macular Hole: Treatment Overview

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  • Located in the back of your eye, the macula is the part of the retina that provides the sharp vision you need for seeing fine detail. When a hole develops in the macula, it can cause blurred and distorted central vision that worsens over time. The good news is this hole can be repaired with a common procedure called a vitrectomy. During the vitrectomy, your doctor will gently remove the vitreous gel that makes up your eye, and inject a gas bubble in its place. This bubble acts like a temporary bandage by placing gentle pressure on your retina to help seal the hole in your macula. To keep the bubble pressed against the macular hole, you may be required to stay in a facedown position or to keep your eyes looking down for several days. Holding the bubble in place may help seal the hole. Your eye will slowly reabsorb the gas bubble, and your vitreous cavity will refill with natural eye fluids. If you have questions about vitrectomy to treat your macular hole, ask us today!

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