Intravitreal Injections: Post-Op

This video provides an overview of what patients should expect following intravitreal injections, including the duration of recovery, symptoms of possible infection, and the possibility of further treatments

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After an Intravitreal Injection, patients may experience a mild irritation or burning sensation that typically lasts less than a day. Sometimes there is a small spot of blood over the white part of the eye. This is normal, and similar to a bruise and usually takes one to two weeks to resolve. After the injection, you will sometimes be given medication to help prevent infection. Although intravitreal injections are very safe, there is a small risk of infection for the first week after the procedure. While infections are very rare, they can lead to severe vision loss if left untreated. If you suspect you may have an infection, you should contact your eye care professional immediately. Symptoms of infection include loss of vision, pain, and redness of the eye. Normally, most patients will have a follow-up appointment for an exam about a month or so after the injection. Since most patients need several injections over time, , your eye care professional will determine how many treatments are necessary.

This content was first posted on: January 6, 2018
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