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Applications Now Open for BrightFocus Macular Degeneration Research Grants

New Grants to Fund Innovative Vision Science
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Clarksburg, MD—BrightFocus Foundation, a premier private funder of vision research, today announced a request for proposals for projects supported through its Macular Degeneration Research program. The deadline for Letters of Intent is July 28, 2022, for projects beginning in 2023. 

BrightFocus provides research funds for U.S. domestic as well as international researchers pursuing pioneering research leading to greater understanding, prevention, and treatment of age-related macular degeneration. With a strong emphasis on early career scientists and their new ideas, BrightFocus offers three levels of grants:  

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship (maximum award value $200,000, 2 years) 

  • New Investigator Grant (maximum award value $450,000, up to 3 years) 

  • Innovative Research Grant (maximum award value $600,000, up to 3 years) 

BrightFocus funding has blazed new trails of discovery, including breakthroughs that have led to multiple Nobel Prizes. “We encourage scientists from around the world to bring us their bold, high-impact ideas, the ‘what-if’s’ of science that may someday help save sight,” said Diane Bovenkamp, PhD, BrightFocus Vice President for Scientific Affairs. 

Visit the BrightFocus website here for more information about BrightFocus macular degeneration grants, including how to apply.  View the most recent annual research portfolio yearbook for an overview of scientific projects the program is currently supporting around the globe. 

About BrightFocus  

BrightFocus Foundation is a premier private funder of research to defeat Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration, and glaucoma, currently supporting a $65 million portfolio of nearly 275 scientific projects. BrightFocus shares the latest research findings, expert information and resources to empower families impacted by these diseases.  For more information, visit 


Preeti Subramanian
Director, Vision Science Research
BrightFocus Foundation

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