The Role of Complement Regulation in Maintaining Outer Retinal Integrity

Neal Peachey, PhD The Cleveland Clinic Foundation


The main goal of the study is to examine the phenotype of MCP1-/DAF- double knockout mice and to test whether light exposure exacerbates the phenotype.

Project Details

Several genes implicated in AMD are known to be involved in the complement pathways of the immune system. The researchers will compare the severity of outer retinal defects in a mouse model of AMD due to the absence of the MCP1 (monocyte chemoattractant protein-1) gene with those found in mice also lacking one of two proteins involved in complement regulation. They will test whether complement regulation is important for maintaining outer retinal integrity. They will also test whether biochemicals normally generated in the outer retina by the interaction of photoreceptor proteins, light and oxygen trigger development of outer retinal abnormalities.