Effect of ECM Ligands on RPE Reattachment to Bruch's: II

Lucian Del Priore, PhD, MD University of Medicine &Dentistry

Project Details

The transplantation of retinal pigmented epithelial (RPE) cells following surgery to eliminate CNV has had only limited success so far because the transplanted cells fail to survive. In previous research which includes last year's MDR-funded study, Dr. Del Priore found that, in order to survive, the transplanted RPE cells must attach to an important supporting structure known as Bruch's Membrane (BM). A number of complications can affect the attachment process, and some of these variables are being examined systematically in vitro to identify conditions that optimize the attachment and survival of transplanted RPE. If successful, the in vitro optimization can then be used to maximize the chance of successful RPE transplantation in animals and humans.