Client Server Image Analysis Tools for Clinical Trials

Jeffrey Berger, MD, PhD University of Pennsylvania

Project Details

Evaluating the success of treatments for AMD is complicated by the current methods used for measuring clinical improvement. Doctors now perform a visual inspection of the fundus (the inside surface of the back of the eyeball) and attempt to measure changes over time. For the best results, trained experts must make these examinations at a formal "reading center." Even in this setting, there are problems associated with human grading systems. In addition, many of the clinical trials for the treatment of AMD that are ongoing around the world are small in size and do not have access to a formal reading center. Dr. Berger believes that both large and small trials could benefit from internet-based access to a computerized method of performing efficient, accurate, and objective measurements. He has dedicated himself to developing a computerized reading center to permit a computer-assisted analysis that doctors and scientists can access on a worldwide basis. Such a system would allow for larger clinical trials because of increased efficiency, and would enhance the usefulness of smaller trials because of increased accuracy. This study represents a continuation of last year's study by the same name.