Guorong Li, MD

I had more than ten years’ experience in clinic practice for treating patients with eye diseases, deeply feeling the importance and the urgency in early diagnosis of glaucoma and finding new treatments for glaucoma patients.  Basic research helps me better to understand the disease and involved mechanism, design more effective and efficient way in searching for the new treatment. My research has been focused on mechanisms and functional study of glaucoma, specifically pathophysiology of aqueous humor outflow pathway, the key tissues for controlling intraocular pressure and preventing glaucoma development and progression. I have published over 30 papers in the field and developed several research innovations in this area. My goal is to find a simple and useful method to detect early changes in outflow tissues and give effective and personalization medicine to each patient to prevent and effective treat this second leading blindness disorder worldwide. With the funding from the BrightFocus foundation, I will have a better opportunity to reach the goal to prevent vision loss in elderly.