Selective Cholinergic Activation Improves Hippocampal Activity

Seonil Kim, PhD Colorado State University


Finding a new way to improve brain activity in Alzheimer's disease.

Project Details

In Aim 1, we will examine how beta-amyloid affects cholinergic activity in hippocampal neurons using electrophysiological approaches in brain slices. In Aim 2, we will determine whether selective stimulation of cholinergic synapses improves memory-related brain rhythmic activity. 

Unfortunately, existing Alzheimer's disease medications that target the cholinergic system are unsuccessful, possibly due to the system's overall activation. Instead, our suggested research focuses on selective cholinergic system activation, which is a novel notion. First, our proposal will provide an evidence supporting that decreased brain rhythmic activity can be as an early event in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease, which can be used a novel biomarker. Second, selective cholinergic system activation can provide a novel therapeutic approaches.