PS1 Role on Cell Surface Trafficking of E-Cadherin and APP

Spiros Efthimiopoulos, PhD Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Project Details

Dr. Efthimiopoulos and his colleagues have recently found that the PS1 can be found at the junction between brain cells. These are specialized sites where membranes from different cells adhere together to facilitate contact and communication between cells. The localization of PS1 at these "adhesion junctions" suggests that it may play a role in their function. PS1 is also thought to play a role in the movement or trafficking of proteins, including APP, from inside the cell to the cell surface/membrane. Therefore, Dr. Efthimiopoulos is performing a study to examine the role of PS1 in the movement and trafficking of APP and E-cadherin, an important component of adhesion junctions. Delineating these normal aspects of PS1 function and learning how mutations in PS1 disrupt protein trafficking could reveal important information about synaptic structure and function and how these are altered in AD.