MRI Assessment of Aβ-iron interaction in PS/APP Mouse Brain

Maria Falangola, MD, PhD The Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene

Project Details

Dr. Falangola has been investigating the association between iron and changes in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) parameters in humans and animals. She believes that the presence of iron in Aβ plaques is responsible for reducing transverse relaxation time (T2), and the source of the plaque intrinsic MRI contrast seen in tested animals. The overall goal of Dr. Falangola's research is to utilize a transgenic mouse model of Aβ deposition to establish the relationship between Aβ-iron complex and its influence on MRI parameters. Knowledge of the underlying mechanisms of the influence of Aβ accumulation on quantitative MRI parameters could provide the ability to non-invasively quantify the degree of plaque burden.