Mitochondrial Prodrug to Treat Repeated Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Patrick Sullivan, PhD University of Kentucky Research Foundation

Co-Principal Investigators

William Brad Hubbard, PhD University of Kentucky
John Geisler, PhD Mitochon Pharmaceuticals
Robert Alonso, CEO Mitochon Pharmaceuticals


Our team will assess the drug MP201 in a model of repeated mild traumatic brain injury while also performing IND enabling work to move MP201 towards the clinic.In Aim 1, animals will sustain repeated mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) and receive treatment by MP201. We will examine brain mitochondrial function and oxidative damage at 4 days after injury. Also, MP201-treated animals will be assayed for serial memory and anxiety assessments and the brains will be examined for vascular integrity, astrocytes and axonal injury to understand therapeutic potential. In Aim 2, MitochonPharmaceuticals, our partnering company, will have a toxicology batch of MP-201 synthesized that will be used for full IND-enabling toxicology package.

Project Details

This proposal will be one of the first projects to examine mitochondrial function and treatment after mild traumatic brain injury. This project will extend an innovative fractionated mitochondrial magnetic separation technique for use in rat brain tissue. This project will stimulate research to move a promising drug MP201 into clinical trials.This study will produce scientific data in an understudied area of mitochondrial dysfunction following mild TBI as a direct benefit to the research field. The project will also generate potential of a drug candidate that could be used in clinical trials for TBI. An effective drug would greatly benefit those suffering from TBI and caregivers alike.