How Glaucoma May Affect Vision

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Normal Vision

A group of children. The image depicts how the children would to one with normal vision.

This is an example of normal vision. This is also an example of how someone sees during the beginning stages of open-angle glaucoma. Because there are no symptoms initially, regular eye examinations are very important. 

Early Glaucoma

Children with an almost imperceptible darkening in the periphery, depicting how they might look to one with early glaucoma.

Early symptoms may include a gradual and often imperceptible failing of side (peripheral) vision.

Advanced Glaucoma

Children, with all but the center of the image dark, depicting how they might look to one with advanced glaucoma.
Note: This image is not an accurate representation of how vision appears. Newer visual field studies in glaucoma patients suggest that the black region may appear as a blurry patch for many individuals.

During the advanced stages of glaucoma, only a small central area of vision remains. Eventually, damage to the optic nerve will result in total blindness.

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