In Vivo Study of Femptosecond Laser Ablation

Deepak Edward, MD Board Trustees of the University of Illinois at Chicago

Project Details

The current procedure for reducing eye pressure is to make an opening in the trabecular meshwork to allow the aqueous humor to flow more freely into the Schlemm's canal. A common form of this procedure is known as laser trabecular ablation, or LTA. This procedure involves long pulse durations that can cause collateral damage, including inflammation and scarring, and eventually leads to closure of the incision. Dr. Edward plans to study the results of a new technique using an ultrafast Titanium Sapphire laser, which has been found to overcome all of the aforementioned problems. By studying changes in the treated eye over a period of up to two months, Dr. Edward hopes to better understand the interplay between mechanical effects of the laser and the biologic response that might occur during wound healing.