Studies of Glaucoma Damage and its Prevention

Harry Quigley, MD
Wilmer Eye Institute (Baltimore, MD)
Year Awarded:
Grant Duration:
April 1, 1990 to March 31, 1991
Award Amount:
Grant Reference ID:
Award Type:
Award Region:
US Northeastern

Studies of Glaucoma Damage and its Prevention



Coleman, A.L., Quigley, H.A., Vitale, S., and Dunkelberger, G. (1991) Displacement of the optic nerve head by acute changes in intraocular pressure in monkey eyes. Ophthalmol. 98:35-40.  

Glovinsky, Y., Quigley, H.A., and Dunkelberger, G.R. (1991) Retinal ganglion cell loss is size-dependent in experimental glaucoma. Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. 32:484-491.  

Quigley, H.A., Dorman-Pease, M.E., and Brown, A.E. (1991) Quantitative study of collagen and elastin of the optic nerve head and sclera in human and experimental monkey glaucoma. Curr. Eye Res. 10:877-888.  

Quigley, H.A., Brown, A., and Dorman-Pease, M.E. (1991) Alterations in elastin of the optic nerve head in human and experimental glaucoma. Br. J. Ophthalmol. 75:552-557.  

Quigley, H.A., Coleman, A.L., and Dorman-Pease, M.E. (1991) Larger optic nerve heads have more nerve fibers in normal monkey eyes. Arch. Ophthalmol. 109:1441-1443.  

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