Role of Aquaporin1 in Permeability of Schlemm's Canal

W. Daniel Stamer, PhD The University of Arizona

Project Details

Aquaporin-1 is a protein "water shunt" that enables the rapid movement of water in many parts of the body. For example, "water shunts" are responsible for the rapid formation of saliva in the mouth. Dr. Stamer has hypothesized that fluid has difficulty getting out of the eye in part because of the dysfunction or decreased expression of a protein called Aquaporin-1. He has developed techniques to specifically isolate and grow cells from the trabecular meshwork and Schlemm' s Canal of human eyes. This is allowing him to study how fluid moves across these cells in the laboratory. He is also examining the contribution of Aquaporin-1 to fluid movement in an intact outflow system from donated human eyes. It is hoped that these experiments will provide scientists with valuable information about the role of Aquaporin-1 in the removal of fluid from the eye and may lead to new therapies for the treatment of glaucoma.