Microstructural And Biomechanical Properties Of Human Sclera

Jonathan Vande Geest, PhD University of Arizona


This research is aimed at identifying whether changes in peripapillary human scleral microstructure and mechanical properties occur within human donor eyes of varying ages, races, and in the presence or absence of glaucoma. Such information will be important in quantifying the biomechanical environment of the optic nerve head. These studies may also eventually lead to improved diagnostic tools for glaucoma.

Project Details

In our research we:

1) use sophisticated experiments to characterize how the mechanical properties of the sclera vary with age, race, and glaucoma; and

2) use sophisticated imaging techniques to quantify how such changes occur.

Our team is especially excited about utilizing state of the art techniques in biomechanics and bioimaging to develop new and innovative diagnostic tools for glaucoma.