Glaucoma Research

Keith Green, PhD
Medical College of Georgia (Augusta, GA)
Year Awarded:
Grant Duration:
April 1, 1986 to March 31, 1987
Award Amount:
Grant Reference ID:
Award Type:
Award Region:
US Southeastern

Glaucoma Research



Green, K. and Hatchett, T.L. (1987) Regional ocular blood flow after chronic treatment with topical glaucoma drugs. Acta Ophthalmol. 65:503-506.  

Csukas, S., Costarides, A., Riley, M.V., and Green, K. (1987) Hydrogen peroxide in the rabbit anterior chamber: effects on glutathione and catalase effects on peroxide kinetics. Curr. Eye Res. 6:1395-1402.  

Birnbaum, D.B., Csukas, S., Costarides, A., Forbes, E., and Green, K. (1987) 3-amino-triazole effects on the eye of young and adult rabbits in the presence and absence of hydrogen peroxide. Curr. Eye Res. 6:1403-1414.  

Jay, W.M., Aziz, M.Z., Chapman, J.M., and Green, K. (1987) Effect of oral or intravenous pentoxifylline on ocular and optic nerve blood flow. Ophthalmic Res. 19:318-321.  

Green, K. and Thomas T.M. (1987) Ocular toxicity of marijuana: an update. J. Toxicol. Cutan. and Ocular Toxicol. 6:309-334. [DOI:10.3109/15569528709052178]
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