Glaucoma Research

Keith Green, PhD
Medical College of Georgia (Augusta, GA)
Year Awarded:
Grant Duration:
November 1, 1978 to March 31, 1983
Award Amount:
Grant Reference ID:
Award Type:
Award Region:
US Southeastern

Glaucoma Research



Morgan, T.R., Mirate, D.J., Bowman, K., and Green, K. (1983) Topical epinephrine and regional ocular blood flow in aphakic eyes of rabbits. Arch. Ophthalmol. 101(1):112-116.  

Green, K. and Mayberry, L. (1982-1983) Participation of beta 2-receptors in the control of rabbit ciliary epithelial permeability. Curr. Eye Res. 2(4):277-280.  

Green, K., Elijah, D., and Lollis, G. (1982) Drug effects on aqueous humor formation and pseudofacility in sympathectomized rabbit eyes. Exp. Eye Res. 34:1-6.  

Green, K., Elijah, D., Lollis, G., and Mayberry, L. (1981) Beta adrenergic effects on ciliary epithelial permeability, aqueous humor formation and pseudofacility in the normal and sympathectomized rabbit eye. Curr. Eye. Res. 1(7):419-423.  

Green, K. and Elijah, R.D. (1981) Drug effects on aqueous humor formation and pseudofacility in normal eyes. Exp. Eye Res. 33:239-245. [PMID:PMID: 6120086][link not available] Mirate, D.J., Morgan, T.R., Green, K., and Hull, D.S., (1981) A simple technique for extracapsular lens extraction in the rabbit. Curr. Eye Res. 1:491-493.  

Green, K., Symonds, C.M., Elijah, R.D., Zalkow, L.U., Deutsch, H.M., Bowman, K.A., and Morgan, T.R. (1981) Water soluble marihuana-derived material: pharmacological actions in rabbit and primate. Curr. Eye Res. 1:599-608.  

Morgan, T.R., Green, K., and Bowman, K. (1981) Effects of adrenergic agonists upon regional ocular blood flow in normal and ganglionectomized rabbits. Exp. Eye. Res. 32:691-697.  

Green, K., Hensley, A., and Hollis, G. (1979) Dopamine stimulation of passive permeability and secretion in the isolated rabbit ciliary epithelium. Exp. Eye Res. 29:423-427.  

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