Genetic Study of Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome

Pratap Challa, MD Duke University

Project Details

Pseudoexfoliation glaucoma is considered the most common identifiable glaucoma in the world. It affects millions of individuals throughout the world and leads to elevated intraocular pressure (IOP), which is associated with the death of optic nerve cells. Pseudoexfoliation material is found throughout many eye and body tissues. Dr. Challa is working to identify the genes involved in pseudoexfoliation syndrome by comparing gene products in people with pseudoexfoliation to the genetics of those without it. He will also compare the gene products between people with pseudoexfoliation who have glaucoma with those who have pseudoexfoliation but no glaucoma. By learning these differences, he hopes to shed light on a possible cause of this disorder, and why some people who have the disorder develop glaucoma while others don't. With this information, it may be possible to develop new tests and treatments for glaucoma.