Biomechanical Characterization Of SC Cells

Mark Johnson, PhD Northwestern University


Are the cells of the inner wall of Schlemm's canal stiffer in glaucomatous eyes than in normal eyes? If so, is this stiffness change responsible for the elevated intraocular pressure characteristic of glaucoma.

Project Details

We are investigating the biomechanical characteristics of cells of the aqueous outflow pathway to see if they are different in glaucomatous eyes as compared to normal eyes. If so, in the future, we will explore the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying this pathology, and potentially be able to develop more effective pressure-lowering treatments or a cure for this debilitating disease.

The specific aims of this project are to:

1. Use atomic force microscopy to determine if cells in the aqueous outflow pathway are stiffer in glaucomatous eyes as compared to normal eyes.

2. Determine the consequence of such a stiffness change on pressure-induced deformations of these cells.