Make A Plan Today: Get Your Eyes Checked

A close up of an eye during an eye examination.

Macular degeneration and glaucoma are two leading causes of eye disease that can cause vision loss and blindness, especially among GenX and Boomer aging populations in the United States. Like many vision diseases, there are no symptoms in early stages.

Get your eyes checked!

The best way to combat eye disease is a comprehensive, dilated eye exam to help prevent vision loss, slow its progression, and better manage any damage that may have occurred.

That is why BrightFocus is sharing these public service announcements that feature powerful first-person accounts about the impact of vision loss and the importance of eye health.

  • Woman 1: Vision loss is not something that you feel until it happens.

    Woman 2: Most people lose their vision from diseases like macular degeneration and glaucoma. Not at birth.

    Woman 3: With macular degeneration. You lose your central vision.

    Woman 4: You have a blind spot right in the center of your face. So I can't actually see your face.

    Man 1: So even a little circle in which I could see became a big blur.

    Woman 2: I was 65 when I first was diagnosed with glaucoma.

    Man 2: There were no symptoms. I had no headaches.

    Woman 3: 3 million Americans have glaucoma and half don't even know it.

    Woman 4: 11 million people in the United States have macular degeneration

    Woman 1: You lose mobility independence changes your entire life.

    Man 1: So many eye disorders can be treated if caught early.

    Woman 3: My husband tells me that I have beautiful brown eyes and I don't want to lose that.

    Man 2: Make a plan today to get your eyes checked.

    Woman 1: Visit to learn more.

A doctor performing an eye exam on a patient.

The Top Five Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor

Preparing ahead of time can help you best manage your vision health. Here are some questions you can take along.

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