Emmanuelle Souzeau, PhD

Dr Emmanuelle Souzeau is a research fellow and a genetic counsellor at Flinders University (Adelaide, Australia). She has 15 years expertise as a genetic counsellor in both clinical and research settings. She completed a Masters in Genetic Counselling at the University of Montreal in Canada in 2006. She moved to Adelaide in 2008 and joined Prof Jamie Craig's research group as a research genetic counsellor. In 2017, she completed a PhD at Flinders University on genetic testing and counselling for inherited glaucoma. Emmanuelle developed and leads the genetic testing program of the Australian and New Zealand Registry of Advanced Glaucoma, based at Flinders University, since 2008. Over the past 10 years, she has designed and directed research projects delineating the phenotypes of glaucoma-associated genes, the interpretation of genetic results and the ethical and psychosocial implications of genetic testing for glaucoma. She provides counselling and feedback of results from accredited genetic testing to research participants, and has contributed to the development of educational material for individuals with glaucoma and their at-risk family members. Emmanuelle has strong research interests in the psychological implications of genetic testing and the best strategies for communicating genetic results to patients.