Emil Gustavsson, PhD

My research interests are mainly in the genetic analysis and using the transcriptome as a functional read out of the genome in relation to neurodegenerative disease. My goal is to translate such knowledge into meaningful therapeutic strategies. During my BSc and MSc at Uppsala University, Sweden, I studied the influence of mtDNA variability on behaviour as well as the role of genetic variability of a vesicular monoaminergic associated transporter in psychiatric disease. I pursued my PhD training at University of British Columbia, Canada, where I worked on the molecular genetics of Parkinson’s disease and neurodegenerative diseases. My focus was on the discovery of genes/mutations causing disease and how genetic variability influences the penetrance and progression of disease. I am currently a postdoctoral research fellow at University College London, UK, working on using long-read sequencing techniques to define the expression of novel transcripts of genes involved in neurological disease. A long-term objective is to develop an understanding of the underlying genetics of a disorder to provide molecular targets, diagnostic tools and research insights to ‘lower the bar’ for major pharmaceutical investment, to help develop disease-modifying therapeutics aimed at neuroprotection.