Darryl Overby, PhD

Darryl Overby is a Reader of Cellular Biomechanics and Mechanobiology at Imperial College London (UK), Department of Bioengineering. He was awarded his PhD in mechanical engineering from MIT in 2002, and he attained three years of postdoctoral research training in vascular biology at Harvard Medical School, Boston. Dr. Overby’s research has contributed to our current understanding of aqueous humor outflow and IOP regulation in normal and glaucomatous eyes, including the development of the mouse as a model for aqueous humor dynamics; the role of Schlemm's canal cell biomechanics in the regulation of aqueous humor outflow; and role of signaling molecules such as nitric oxide in the regulation of intraocular pressure.

"Support from the BrightFocus Foundation has been instrumental in our research towards finding a better therapy for lowering intraocular pressure (IOP) in glaucoma. Our research is highly interdisciplinary, bringing aspects from engineering, physical sciences and the life sciences to bear on the “plumbing” problem of aqueous humor drainage that controls IOP. The BrightFocus Foundation and its donors recognize the benefits of an interdisciplinary research approach to glaucoma, and their support has allowed our research program to focus on innovative ways of studying and solving important problems related to this disease that causes so many people, worldwide, to go blind."