Colin Greineder, PhD

Dr. Colin Greineder graduated from the Yale School of Medicine in 2003 and completed his Emergency Medicine residency at the University of Michigan in 2007. After a period spent working in a community ER, Dr. Greineder made the uncommon choice to return to graduate school, motivated by the desire to create new therapeutics capable of addressing the underlying pathophysiology of acute and critical illnesses. He joined the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania and enrolled in a PhD program in Pharmacology while working and teaching residents in the ER. In his dissertation work, he described the creation of a series of novel, endothelial targeted anti-thrombotic and anti-inflammatory protein therapeutics. After a post-doctoral fellowship in the Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics, he was awarded at K08 Career Development grant from the NHLBI. Dr. Greineder was recruited back to the University of Michigan in July 2018, joining the Departments of Emergency Medicine and Pharmacology and the BioInterfaces Institute.