Ethan Treese

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Ethan Treese is the Chief Executive Officer, Americas for Nuix, a global cybersecurity, legal discovery, investigation, and information governance technology company.  Ethan has worked for over two decades with organizations in the public and private sector to help them grow revenue, manage risk, and execute their objectives.  Ethan had previously served as Global Head of Customer Solutions for Dun & Bradstreet, a company at which he held a number of prominent roles and worked closely with executives and policy makers across the highest levels of business and government.  Ethan holds a B.A. from Lehigh University and resides in Northern Virginia with his wife and two children.



“The BrightFocus mission is one that resonates with me for a number of reasons, and the organization and the work they do has really impressed me. These are devastating diseases that urgently need as much support and attention as possible, and serving on the board is one small way I can help us win this fight.”