Antonio Escudero Paniagua, PhD

I graduated in Biology at the University of Salamanca (Spain) in 2010. Two years later, I obtained a Ramon Areces PhD Fellowship to complete a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Concepcion Lillo at the Institute of Neurosciences of Castilla y Leon (Spain). During this time, I studied the role of apical polarity proteins in RPE differentiation and retinal degeneration. In 2015, I was awarded an EMBO short-term fellowship for completing a short stay during my PhD at Dr. David Williams lab at UCLA. In 2016 I obtained my doctoral degree with an Extraordinary PhD Award from the University of Salamanca (Spain). In 2017, I joined Williams lab as a Postdoc, where I have remained since then and am focused on studying the mechanisms of Photoreceptor Outer Segment phagosome degradation and the mechanism of Photoreceptor Outer Segment disk formation.