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Financial Aid for Alzheimer's Medications

Learn about financial aid resources that may be available to help cover the costs of your Alzheimer's prescription medications.

Alzheimer's Disease Medications

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The following table lists the phone numbers of pharmaceurtical companies to call to inquire about potential glaucoma medication financial assistance.

Medication NameGenericDrug CompanyToll-Free Number
Aricept®DonepezilEisai Inc.1-888-347-2448


Namzaric®Memantine and DonepezilAllergan1-844-424-6727
Razadyne®GalantamineJanssen PharmaceuticalsSee table below

Financial Aid Helpful Resources

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The following table lists organizations and phone numbers that provide financial aid for prescription medications.

Organization Program Phone Number
Partnership for Prescription AssistancePrescription Assistance Service1-888-477-2669
RxHopePatient Assistance ProgramsNo toll-free number listed
NeedyMedsPatient Assistance Programs1-800-503-6897
Pan FoundationPatient Assistance Programs1-866-316-7263
RxOutreachPatient Assistance Programs1-888-796-1234
MedicarePrescription Drug Plans 1-800-633-4227



This content was first posted on: July 2, 2015

The information provided is a public service of the BrightFocus Foundation and is not intended to constitute medical advice. It should not in any way substitute for the advice of a qualified healthcare professional. Please consult your physician for personalized medical advice; all medications and supplements should only be taken under medical supervision. BrightFocus Foundation does not endorse any medical product or therapy.

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