The Impact of Alzheimer's Disease: Evelyn's Story (60-Second PSA)

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  • I was in charge of my mother since she retired from work. When she was diagnosed with Alzheimer, it just turned my life upside down. It was difficult for me to identify 'cause she normally forget where she left the keys or if she had something to do. She can have a conversation like normal with a neighbor, but suddenly, she comes to me and she say, who's that, I don't know who's that. And she start repeating the same questions. When she was diagnosed, she say, ah, what are you telling me? No, I don't have this. 'Cause she didn't want to, to recognize what was happening to her. One in 10 Americans over 65 has Alzheimer's disease, and 2/3 are women. For more information, go to

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