Alejandro Martin Trujillo, PhD

The major research interest of Dr. Alejandro “Alex” Martin Trujillo is to understand the mechanisms involved in the regulation of the human genome in health and disease conditions, with special interest in late-onset neurological disorders. His PhD studies at the Cancer Epigenetics and Biology Program (PEBC, Barcelona, Spain) in Barcelona under the supervision of Dr. David Monk focused on the identification and characterization of DNA methylation associated to imprinted regions, as well as its alteration in cancer and other human diseases. After his PhD, he joined the laboratory of Prof. Andrew Sharp at the Icahn School of Medicine of the Mount Sinai Hospital (New York , USA). Since then, Alex has been developing and applying sophisticated bioinformatic pipelines to study the prevalence and impact of (epi)genetic variation at complex regions of the genome such as tandem repeats in both health and human disease conditions. During his career, Alex has been incorporating statistical and computational knowledge to his biological background, becoming a true hybrid scientist who uses both experimental and computational approaches in order to answer relevant biological questions.