Alejandra Bosco, PhD

Dr. Alejandra Bosco is a neuroscientist with a research career dedicated to studying the retina and glaucoma. This started during her Ph.D. in Argentina, earned from the National University of La Plata in 1996, and through 9 years of postdoctoral training in the US, with leaders in retinal development and degeneration. As an investigator, she has committed the last 14 years to glaucoma research in animal models, pioneering the analysis of microglia during neurodegeneration onset and progression. She worked from 2005 to 2012 in the first Catalyst for a Cure consortium funded by the Glaucoma Research Foundation, and from 2010 to 2018, she participated in the Initiative for Innovation in Vision Science of the Lasker and International Retinal Research Foundations. Her latest findings span from the identification of microglia as key players in early neurodegeneration, to the development of complement-targeted strategies to restrict disease progression. Dr. Bosco has extensive experimental and leadership skills, closely trains, supervises and works with graduate students and technicians, and has established multiple productive collaborations. Dr. Bosco is determined to achieve her goal of regulating microglia to control progressive neurodegeneration in glaucoma.