Adnan Dibas, PhD

Adnan Dibas, PhD, is a research assistant professor at the University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) and a retinal-glaucoma researcher at the North Texas Eye Institute. He received his BS degree in biochemistry from Kuwait University in Kuwait City, Kuwait, and his PhD in biochemistry from UNTHSC. He has worked in cancer drug development and as an instructor at Mountain View College, Dallas. He joined the UNTHSC research factor in 2003 and specializes in glaucoma and retinal research.

"A close friend had a stroke and within minutes, he lost sight in one eye and developed glaucoma. He knew I was working in the glaucoma field and approached me to ask what were the latest glaucoma drugs and how effective they were. I told him that unfortunately, current drugs are far from restoring vision once glaucoma has developed. He told me that he was willing to volunteer for any new clinical trial drugs and he was willing to sacrifice so others benefit.

I told my friend that the real heroes are those who donate for research and that a good example lies in the donors who support and stand behind the research programs of BrightFocus Foundation. It is here where BrightFocus Foundation is leading the way, by supporting novel ideas and projects to make dreams of seeing again a reality for my friend and others who have suffered vision loss from glaucoma."