Advertising and Sponsorship Policy

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BrightFocus Foundation receives its funding primarily from donations and not from advertising or government sources. It is, however, the policy of BrightFocus to acknowledge financial or in-kind sponsorship of BrightFocus programs by foundations, governmental entities, or corporations, and it may infrequently allow for the advertisement of materials that are consistent with and related to the charitable purposes of BrightFocus. BrightFocus' public acknowledgement of such sponsorship is done by display of the sponsor's logo, slogan, general website address, and/or description of materials or services on the BrightFocus website consistent with the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America. All such displays are clearly identified as related to the acknowledgement of a prior or ongoing sponsorship. All BrightFocus communications of sponsor's information are provided only as a convenience to recipients of the BrightFocus communication and shall not include editorial content. These communications are limited in scope to content that would reasonably allow a recipient of BrightFocus' communications to understand the name and nature of the sponsoring organization as well as its relationship to BrightFocus and its programs.

BrightFocus does not endorse any product or service provided by a sponsor. In cases where BrightFocus links to the website of the sponsor, it must be understood that BrightFocus does not regulate the content of the sponsor's website and assumes no responsibility or liability for any claims or endorsements made on or linked to from the sponsor's website. Advertisers and sponsors must not make unsubstantiated health claims or suggest that BrightFocus has endorsed a product or service. BrightFocus does not provide banner advertising or pop-up window advertising. Any links to another's site is provided with an indication of that sponsor information as a web-link.

BrightFocus maintains a distinct separation between editorial and advertising content. Sponsors do not contribute to or influence the health information or any other content of the BrightFocus website or any BrightFocus communication. Editorial content originates from an external entity or source is clearly identified by the primary affiliation of the author.

Any information given to sponsors by BrightFocus is bound by the BrightFocus Privacy Statement.

BrightFocus reserves the right to edit and change this policy without notice.

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