Food for Mind and Sight

Who said healthy had to be boring? Try these delicious recipes that may help reduce the incidence of many chronic diseases.

Baked zucchini chips in a bowl.

A tasty, healthier alternative to potato chips, zucchini chips are light, crisp, and easy to make! Only a few minutes of prep time needed and the oven does the rest!

A broccoli salad.

Prepare ahead in just 15 minutes and enjoy this salad with visual appeal, eye-healthy ingredients, and sweet and spicy tang. This quick and easy side completes a meal - deliciously

Fruit-filled French toast wraps.

Research has demonstrated the importance of a healthy lifestyle. To help you in your pursuit of good health, here’s a delicious and easy recipe to try.

Oatmeal with oranges and cherries.

This delicious dish is rich in the omega-3 fat DHA, vitamin C, vitamin E, folate, and zinc.

A mango salsa.

A tasty and simple citrus twist on a classic dish.

Squash ribbons in a colander.

This elegant side dish is simply dressed and loaded with flavor and vitamin A to support your vision and immune system.

A green smoothie in a glass jar with straws. Spinach and kale leaves are lying next to the jar.

This Brain Boost Smoothie is delicious, easy to make, and packed with brain-healthy flavonoids, vitamins E and K, folate, and curcumin.

A vibrant large saucepan of the Fish Plaki dish, topped with sliced tomatoes, carrots, celery, and parsley covering baked white fish, resting on a stovetop.

Inspired by BrightFocus President and CEO Stacy Pagos Haller’s own heritage, this baked Greek-style fish recipe is easy to make, healthy, and a great way to add vibrant Mediterranean flavors to your table.

Tuscan bread salad served in a white bowl.

With classic Mediterranean ingredients like tomatoes, cucumber, basil, and extra-virgin olive oil, this salad is as tasty as it is nourishing.

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