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Advancing Innovative Scientific Research: Annual Report Now Available

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BrightFocus Foundation’s 2022 annual report highlights an incredible year of pioneering neurodegenerative research.

This year, BrightFocus—comprising its signature Alzheimer’s Disease Research, National Glaucoma Research, and Macular Degeneration Research programs—awarded nearly $25 million in new grants, a fivefold increase in annual funding from a decade ago. These awards launched 95 new scientific projects to discover cures for Alzheimer’s disease, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. Our new grantees join a global portfolio of 287 active projects across 17 countries, 33 U.S. states, and 154 institutions throughout the world.

We continue to broaden the field of research we fund and are proud that this year, 44% of our awarded scientists are women, nearly 25% of new awards are to leading institutions outside the U.S., and 80% of new awards will support promising, early-stage researchers whose new ideas may lead to breakthroughs.

This diversity of perspectives gives way to bold ideas and promising novel science that bring us closer to cures for these diseases of mind and sight.

Highlights from this year’s annual report include:

  • Inspiring research stories from our grantees

  • How BrightFocus is jumpstarting the next generation of scientific researchers through our signature Fast Track workshops

  • Updates on free public information programs such as the BrightFocus Chats series, AMD Community Circle, and Brain Info Live

  • Stories of donors whose generosity makes this breakthrough research possible

View the annual report in magazine format or view a printable format (PDF).


About BrightFocus Foundation

BrightFocus Foundation is a premier nonprofit funder of research to defeat Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. Through its flagship research programs—Alzheimer’s Disease Research, National Glaucoma Research, and Macular Degeneration Research—the Foundation is currently supporting a $75 million portfolio of 287 scientific projects. BrightFocus has awarded nearly $275 million in groundbreaking medical research funding since inception and shares the latest research findings, expert information, and disease resources to empower the millions impacted by these devastating diseases. Join our community at

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