Where is Eye Fluid Produced?

Learn where eye fluid (aqueous humor) is produced, how it circulates, and its contribution to the development of glaucoma.

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    Narrator: To understand how glaucoma develops, we must first understand how fluid circulates within the eye. Fluid is produced his side of the eye by a structure known as the ciliary body. This structure is located just beneath the iris. The fluid then travels through the pupil and exits via the eyes drainage system called the Trabecular mesh work. In healthy eyes there is a normal balance between the fluid that is made in the eye and the fluid that leaves the eye. Therefore this fluid creates a relatively constant and healthy pressure within the eye this pressure is needed to keep the eye inflated, nourished and functioning properly. This is what we mean by the eye pressure and your eye doctor measures it routinely.

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This content was first posted on: April 12, 2016
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