Dana Griffin

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Dana Griffin is the Co-Founder and CEO of Eldera.ai, the global platform for wisdom sharing and intergenerational connection on a mission to tap into the time and wisdom of 1 billion elders around the world as a new natural resource for the next generation. Eldera is all about bringing back the Era of the Elders. She envisions Eldera as a virtual multigenerational village where kids benefit from social-emotional learning and increased resilience, elders benefit from a sense of purpose and expanded community, and most importantly everyone experiences more joy.

Dana was raised by her grandparents in Transylvania, Romania and has been guided by elder mentors throughout her life. A former data and advertising executive turned age-tech entrepreneur, AI for Good advocate and author of multiple trademarks and patents focused on aging and wisdom, Dana serves on multiple AI and Aging related boards. She has been advising, consulting, and speaking internationally about principled uses of AI for innovation, policy, and social impact and was recognized by AdAge as a “40 under 40 changing the advertising industry." A Vedic meditator and outspoken fan of interesting people and good food, Dana spends her time cooking, training in Krav Maga and exploring human consciousness.


“If we are fortunate enough to live a long life, we are met with a 50 percent chance of succumbing to Alzheimer’s and the prospect of that is frightening. I am grateful for the opportunity to be in service of the BrightFocus mission to solve some of the most pressing challenges to aging in the 21st century.”